American Resort Specialty Services

AMERICAN RESORT SPECIALTY SERVICES – known for their familiarity with the timeshare industry in crisis – wants to help you create a better system for your unique circumstances that is focused on improving sales and increasing maintenance fee collections for your resort.

If you believe all portions of your resort’s sales and marketing need to be held accountable for results – then we can show you how to do what’s right and still get all the outcomes you want – guaranteed.

Read this urgent message to you from American Resort Specialty Services – widely respected as the leading timeshare resort sales and marketing experts.

Dear Fellow Resort Professional:

My name is John "Doc" Malone.  For more than 40 years through my experience in the resort industry, I’ve been hunting down . . . testing . . . and proving little-known ways to help YOU have guaranteed success with your sales and marketing.

And the answers to your specific dilemma are ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT than what you’ve heard from the so-called “experts.”

In these challenging economic times, you can’t afford to make “rookie” mistakes.  Let us help you by transferring our knowledge to you – so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

At American Resort Specialty services, we can fix your problems and hone your sales and marketing systems to run with maximum efficiency and bottom-line boosting effectiveness.

If you implement the strategies and tactics – based on your unique circumstances – that we’ll recommend to you, our SYSTEM is so reliable that your success is assured.

Best of all, we’ll provide the exact steps you need to take. 

We’ll be looking forward to helping you.

To your success,

Doc Malone